Stephen Erixon Discusses Symphony of the Mountains

Founded in 1946, Symphony of the Mountains has entertained residents of Kingsport, Tennessee, and the surrounding area with music for nearly 70 years. Originally known as the Kingsport Symphony Orchestra, Symphony of the Mountains held its first rehearsal with just 27 musicians. This number nearly doubled soon after. Its first concert was free for the public, and all of the performers volunteered their services. Over the next several years, the entity expanded its offerings with pop, light, and classical music performances.

In the 1960s, Symphony of the Mountains created the Kingsport Symphony Youth Orchestra to provide young musicians with the opportunity to express themselves. Another major milestone occurred in the early 2000s when it combined with two local choirs.

Today, this organization runs events throughout the year. To access its calendar and learn about upcoming concerts, please visit

About the Author:

Board certified in Healthcare Management and the former Chief Executive Officer of Baxter Regional Medical Center and Skaggs Regional Medical Center, Stephen Erixon donates to Symphony of the Mountains.


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