Tips for Sporting Clays: Daily Practice

After a distinguished tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of Skaggs Regional Medical Center, Stephen Erixon has served as the Interim CEO at both Memorial Hospital of Carbon County and Rainy Lake Medical Center. When not overseeing medical facilities, Steve Erixon enjoys a variety of sports, including skiing and shooting sporting clays. Like any athletic activity, shooting clays requires a significant amount of practice. The best shooters work practicing into their daily routine. Practice does not require going to the range. Instead, individuals can easily practice in their own homes. In fact, practicing positions in front of a mirror ensure proper posture, stance, and movements. One of the most important motions to practice is swinging and mounting the gun. Of course, individuals should always ensure that the guy is unloaded before practicing. When swinging, a shooter should stand straight without tilting his or her head. Ideally, individuals use short, calculated motions with both hands. One should choose a single position to start from and attempt an equal swing and mount each time. Shooters must mount the gun to the face, rather than the shoulder.


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